Class DummyEdgeRealizer25D

  extended byy.view.EdgeRealizer
      extended byy25.view.realizer.DummyEdgeRealizer25D
All Implemented Interfaces:
EdgeLayout, EdgeLayout25D, EdgeRealizer25D

public class DummyEdgeRealizer25D
extends EdgeRealizer
implements EdgeRealizer25D

Implementation of an EdgeRealizer/25D with no function. This is useful for debugging.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class y.view.EdgeRealizer
bends, path
Fields inherited from interface y25.view.EdgeRealizer25D
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void addPoint(double arg0, double arg1)
protected  void calculatePath()
 void clearPoints()
 Bend createBend(double arg0, double arg1, Bend arg2, int arg3)
 EdgeRealizer createCopy(EdgeRealizer arg0)
 int getLineDisplayMode()
          Returns the current display mode for drawing lines.
 YPoint getPoint(int arg0)
 BoundingBox getRelativeBoundingBox()
          Returns the relative bounding box that encompasses the edge.
 YPoint getSourcePoint()
 YPoint getTargetPoint()
 Bend insertBend(double arg0, double arg1)
 void paintGL(GLAutoDrawable drawable, Camera camera)
          Renders the edge this realizer is bound to into the given drawable.
 int pointCount()
 void reInsertBend(Bend arg0, Bend arg1, int arg2)
 Bend removeBend(Bend arg0)
 void setLineDisplayMode(int mode)
          Sets the current display mode for drawing lines.
 void setPoint(int arg0, double arg1, double arg2)
 void setSourcePoint(YPoint arg0)
 void setTargetPoint(YPoint arg0)
Methods inherited from class y.view.EdgeRealizer
addLabel, appendBend, bendChanged, bendCount, bendPos, bends, bindEdge, calcUnionRect, clearBends, contains, containsSeg, createCopy, createEdgeLabel, firstBend, getArrow, getBend, getEdge, getHighlightedBendColor, getLabel, getLabel, getLabelText, getLayer, getLineColor, getLineType, getMinBendCount, getPath, getSelectionColor, getSelectionStroke, getSourceArrow, getSourceIntersection, getSourcePort, getSourceRealizer, getTargetArrow, getTargetIntersection, getTargetPort, getTargetRealizer, intersects, isDirty, isSelected, isVisible, labelCount, lastBend, paint, paintArrows, paintHighlightedBends, paintLabels, paintPorts, paintSloppy, pathIntersects, read, recalculateFeatures, removeLabel, setArrow, setDirty, setHighlightedBendColor, setLabelText, setLayer, setLineColor, setLineType, setPorts, setSelected, setSelectionColor, setSelectionStroke, setSourceArrow, setSourcePort, setTargetArrow, setTargetPort, setVisible, write
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Constructor Detail


public DummyEdgeRealizer25D()
Method Detail


public int pointCount()
Specified by:
pointCount in interface EdgeLayout


public YPoint getPoint(int arg0)
Specified by:
getPoint in interface EdgeLayout


public void setPoint(int arg0,
                     double arg1,
                     double arg2)
Specified by:
setPoint in interface EdgeLayout


public void addPoint(double arg0,
                     double arg1)
Specified by:
addPoint in interface EdgeLayout


public void clearPoints()
Specified by:
clearPoints in interface EdgeLayout


public YPoint getSourcePoint()
Specified by:
getSourcePoint in interface EdgeLayout


public YPoint getTargetPoint()
Specified by:
getTargetPoint in interface EdgeLayout


public void setSourcePoint(YPoint arg0)
Specified by:
setSourcePoint in interface EdgeLayout


public void setTargetPoint(YPoint arg0)
Specified by:
setTargetPoint in interface EdgeLayout


public EdgeRealizer createCopy(EdgeRealizer arg0)


public Bend createBend(double arg0,
                       double arg1,
                       Bend arg2,
                       int arg3)


public void reInsertBend(Bend arg0,
                         Bend arg1,
                         int arg2)


public Bend insertBend(double arg0,
                       double arg1)


public Bend removeBend(Bend arg0)


protected void calculatePath()


public void paintGL(GLAutoDrawable drawable,
                    Camera camera)
Description copied from interface: EdgeRealizer25D
Renders the edge this realizer is bound to into the given drawable. If no edge is bound to the realizer, nothing happens.

The passed camera is the one that is used to display this edge. It can be used, for example, to render an edge differently depending on the viewing position, or to display labels that always face the viewer.

Specified by:
paintGL in interface EdgeRealizer25D


public BoundingBox getRelativeBoundingBox()
Description copied from interface: EdgeLayout25D
Returns the relative bounding box that encompasses the edge.

"Relative" means, that the z-position of the layer that the edge belongs to is treated as the origin.

Specified by:
getRelativeBoundingBox in interface EdgeLayout25D


public int getLineDisplayMode()
Description copied from interface: EdgeRealizer25D
Returns the current display mode for drawing lines. Can be either EdgeRealizer25D.MODE_2D or EdgeRealizer25D.MODE_3D.

Specified by:
getLineDisplayMode in interface EdgeRealizer25D


public void setLineDisplayMode(int mode)
Description copied from interface: EdgeRealizer25D
Sets the current display mode for drawing lines. Can be either EdgeRealizer25D.MODE_2D or EdgeRealizer25D.MODE_3D.

Specified by:
setLineDisplayMode in interface EdgeRealizer25D