Interface EdgeLayout25D

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DummyEdgeRealizer25D, PolyLineEdgeRealizer25D

public interface EdgeLayout25D
extends EdgeLayout

Provides 2.5D layout information for edges.

Currently, only the 2D layout informations inherited from the interface EdgeLayout are provided for edges.

Method Summary
 BoundingBox getRelativeBoundingBox()
          Returns the relative bounding box that encompasses the edge.
Methods inherited from interface y.layout.EdgeLayout
addPoint, clearPoints, getPoint, getSourcePoint, getTargetPoint, pointCount, setPoint, setSourcePoint, setTargetPoint

Method Detail


public BoundingBox getRelativeBoundingBox()
Returns the relative bounding box that encompasses the edge.

"Relative" means, that the z-position of the layer that the edge belongs to is treated as the origin.